sports council

A very important part of the St. Bernard Parish is the St. Bernard Sports Council.  Our team is known as the Knights.  The sports program is headed by the Athletic Director, Alan Umbria, and a 6 person board made up of Tonia Coll, Sharon Gallagher, Michael Gallagher,  Christie Milone, Alexandra Umbria,  and Frank Zito.  The program boasts 250 children from PreK thru 10th grade. . 


If you would like your child to be part of the St. Bernard sports council, please contact Alan Umbria.

brooklyn's best basketball program.


contact alan with Questions or comments.





we offer youth clinics and competitive travel teams.

St. Bernard Sports Mission Statement

The St. Bernard Sports program plays an essential role in teaching the youth of our community to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, make sacrifices, strive for excellence, persevere through adversity, and compete with dignity and pride while developing a commitment to teamwork and service to the community.

The common goal among St. Bernard's Parish Priests, athletic administrators, coaching staff, parents, and athletes is to achieve success at the highest level possible while abiding by the standards of good sportsmanship and ethical conduct.